linux hosting server

Linux Hosting Server

Linux is the most popular operating system (OS) used by Web hosting providers. This versatile and powerful alternative to Microsoft Windows is available in a variety of free, “freemium” and commercial iterations.

Many hosts - particularly shared hosting providers - default to Linux for hosting packages, so it's by far the market leader. It's also the operating system used by Google to run its vast banks of servers: more than 15,000 and counting.

Why Choose Linux for Hosting :-

Many people buy web hosting without giving much thought to the technical details. If you have a low cost shared hosting plan, chances are it's provisioned on servers running Linux. You benefit because:

  • It's secure, assuming it's kept updated, so you have fewer hacks to worry about
  • You can use industry standard web hosting software, such as the popular cPanel control panel, so moving host is less disruptive
  • It keeps costs down for the host, which allows them to pass on savings to you
  • The way things work is pretty standard from host to host

In modern web hosting, Linux is configured according to the LAMP standard. LAMP stands for:

  • Linux, the operating system
  • Apache, the web server application
  • MySQL, the Structured Query Language database application
  • PHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor), a programming language that enables the development of dynamic web content

linux web hosting server

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